We all use email.

Developed in 1971 by Ray Tomlinson, today electronic mail has become one of the default methods of communication – most especially for business.

Alongside text messaging (SMS), social media messaging (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and P2P instant messaging apps (SnapChat, WhatsApp), many of us also use free email accounts from providers like Google, Apple, Microsoft or Yahoo! Mail.

Free email might be great for informal personal communication, but using free email for business comes with hidden costs – which you pay with every message you send.

Check out our three key reasons why you should stop using free email for your business.

Business email is included in all our plans. Get started today.

Reason #1 – Business email looks better.

Appearance matters. Few things look more unprofessional than using a free email address for your business communications, regardless of your industry.

Looking unprofessional is one of the quickest ways to reduce client confidence. This is a fact.

You might be a superb sole trader or an accomplished one-person business. Brilliant. Every email you send should increase customer confidence, reinforce your professionlism, and enhance your brand.

All clients who choose Centre Neptune for their website and digital marketing needs, get secure business email as part of our service. We’ll even help you set it up on your devices.

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Reason #2 – Business email promotes YOU.

Your domain name is visible in every email you send. Choose your domain well, every email recipient is reminded of your business, and so the profile of your company grows.

Having your own business email allows you to advertise your business in every inbox, especially if you add well-thought-out signatures and footers to your emails.

But if you use a free email address, maybe something like…


…then instead of promoting your own business, you give Google free advertising for their Gmail service.

Let Centre Neptune ensure your email advertises you – and only you – every time you click SEND.

We can also help with bulk email services. Start the conversation.

Reason #3 – Business email is flexible.

Free email services allows you send, receive, store and retrieve messages from one account, usually – which is fine, as far as it goes.

Working with Centre Neptune means you get secure business email as part of our services, so you can do a whole lot more than just send & receive. We provide:

  • Multiple email accounts on your domain.
  • Unlimited aliases or forwarders, routing to any of your email addresses.
  • Easily set up mailing lists, as many as required.
  • Add automatic responses to any of your email addresses.
  • Set rules to catch spam or reply to incorrectly addressed email.
  • If needed, add extra layers of encryption to your email.

Let Centre Neptune help you to ensure every email adds value to your communications, and saves you time.

Email is part of our complete web service. Let’s talk.

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