You build, we help.

Assisted Self-Build is a really cost-effective way to get your own website, hosting & email, whilst learning all about web design.

Achievement is a great feeling. Helping others to achieve feels pretty great too. This is exactly why Centre Neptune offers the assisted self-build option – you get to build your own website, and we get to feel good about helping you.

Many people have the ambition and design skills to build a website, or simply the desire to have a go. We get it. There is no need to be spooked by coding or technical stuff – most people just need time to explore, experiment and learn, plus someone to ask whenever you get a bit stuck.

We use the WordPress platform for all our assisted self-build packages. Why? Well, as of 2020, WordPress powers almost 40% of the entire web, which equates to over 455 million websites. It is not going away any time soon, and there is a massive, vibrant community to draw upon.

Try it. You might like it. 🙂

Hassle-free standard setup.

Worried about the technical stuff? No need. We can take care of all the setup and installation for you.

Assisted Self-Build plans from Centre Neptune include ALL the following, as standard:

  • New domain name registration and setup.
  • Tailored web hosting package.
  • Secure business email service.
  • Clean installation of WordPress (latest version).
  • Installation of a starter Theme.
  • Installation of essential Plugins.
  • Installation of a Coming Soon front page.
  • Setup of Automatic Backups.

Once complete, simply login to your fresh new webspace, and start exploring the many possibilities.

Tailored bespoke setups.

Already have a website design or purpose in mind? We can adjust your initial installation to suit.

Centre Neptune can tailor your initial WordPress installation to help you get started with your project:

Page builders.

If you like designing, but hate coding, then Page builders are a popular solution.

Since version 5.0, WordPress has included a drag-and-drop editor (called Gutenberg) as standard. It is pretty good, and it is improving all the time. In fact, we built this current version of Centre Neptune with Gutenberg, just to explore what it could do.

There are also several fully-functional third-party page builders available. These are powerful, relatively simple to use, well-documented, and capable of producing complex, fully responsive designs.

Our current favourites are Elementor and WP Bakery Page Builder. We are happy to pre-install and configure either one for you, and can help with using them.


The UK has left the EU. Online shops in the UK that sell and ship to Europe need to comply with new regulations. Centre Neptune can help.

If you want to start building your own online shop, you will need a suitable e-commerce framework. This will let customers view your product catalogue, add items to a basket, move to the checkout, and of course pay for their order.

Our current favourite for this purpose is WooCommerce, which we are happy to pre-install for you. However there are many other good options too, including the fast-growing Ecwid.

We have built many online shops for clients, and so can help as you get to grips with necessary things like shipping, tax, and payment gateways.


Integrations link your website with other services and providers, adding functionality.

One of the many great things about WordPress is flexibility. The platform can be used to build websites for almost any purpose, so if you need something, there is probably a Plugin available which can do the job:

  • Contact forms.
  • Mailing lists & subscription sign-up.
  • Downloadable items.
  • Booking calendars.
  • Social media.
  • Image galleries & sliders.

However, there are thousands of available plugins. Some are great, some are not, and this is exactly where our years of experience can help. Choose any of our assisted self-build packages, and you can just ask us for assistance.

Not sure exactly what you need? We can advise you.

Self-build benefits.

All of our Assisted Self-Build packages benefit from the following useful features:


Humans are social. Remote working is good, but some things are better in person.

Centre Neptune runs regular self-build meet-ups where you can get together with one of our support staff in a social environment (like a local coffee shop) and spend a couple of hours working on your website with someone on-hand to help.

NB: Please note that there may be restrictions on meet-ups at the moment due to the latest guidance on Coronavirus.

Unlimited support.

Our support email address is

If you need assistance or advice at any point, simply give Centre Neptune a call or drop us an email. We are happy to point you in the right direction.

Once we have helped you perform a few common tasks, you will feel much more confident. Just have a go, make some mistakes, and learn by doing!

Unlimited time.

Relax. There are no time-limits on any of our Assisted Self-Build packages.

Once we have set you up, you can spend as much or as little time as you like, until your website is ready to launch. Enjoy the journey, explore, and experiment with the vast possibilities open to you.

Ready to have a go? Let’s do this.

And really bad eggs.